Brass Inserts

The variety of our brass inserts ranges from threaded inserts, knurled inserts, hex inserts and all the other items used by the industry leaders. We assure a first rated quality for our products.

If you are looking for some bespoke brass inserts then Essen is the ideal choice for you. We are definitely in the initial years of our business but we are dedicated to serve you with great love and care. We believe in providing the best to our customers and we look forward to a long-term relationship with our clients. Whosoever has dealt with us in past are looking forward to a new deal again.

Gradually we are reaching a platform, where we are considered as one of the top-most, suppliers and distributors of brass inserts in the market. All the raw materials and the finished products are procured from well-known sources and our products speak of the quality, excellence, and superiority.

Further, all the products that reach you, are tested for quality, durability, from the testing team. All the products you purchase from us have anti-corrosion properties and hence it is always easier for you to maintain them.

Types of Brass Inserts

You call for an insert and we will bring it to you. Our range of inserts consist of brass threaded inserts, brass knurled inserts, brass inserts for plastics, brass molding inserts, brass terminal inserts and so on.


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Our inserts are made of original brass and all the inserts are tested for quality and durability. None of our insert reach us, without testing its quality with the testing team. Each of the insert is hand-picked for our clients. Our inserts are rust free, corrosion free and hence, they will stay with you for a long time.

NPTF Threads NPT Threads
BSP Threads BSPT Threads
UNEF Threads
Metric Threads & any special threads as per customer specifications.

Applications of Brass Fittings

Our brass inserts are being used in aerospace, consumer goods industry, automotive industry such as in vehicle interiors, exteriors, under the bonnet etc., manufacturing industry where assembly and molding is required. Brass inserts are also very useful in critical industrial, hydraulic and rotating machinery applications.

Temperature Range Benefit
65 to +250°F Reduces maintenance costs and unsightly
-54 to +121°C leaks. More sales opportunities.
Wide range of sizes and styles, One-stop shop for all needs,
All pipe threads are NPTF, Fewer leaks in the system,
Extruded and Forged available. Conforms to more customers' requirements.

Multiple Finishes And Coatings

The final finish and coating of the inserts is done on the basis of the client’s specifications. You can contact Essen Industry for some of the rare and excellent brass inserts for your engineering work. Whether you need them natural, nickel plated, or tin plated, we will provide them exactly as per your demands and needs.

Brass Natural Electro Tinned
Chrome LED
Tinned Gold
Silver Zinc and More

Why choose us?

Essen Industry is your ideal choice for the smooth supply of brass inserts, trolly wheels, bucket handles, mobile cranes and manhole covers in your industrial engineering work. We are the top-notch suppliers of brass inserts and all our items come from authentic sources. All our products are quality tested and you can be assured of the quality we provide.

Think brass inserts, think Essen.

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